Sunday, May 21, 2006

Assignment #3

This is a self-explanatory project made by students in my Summer Animation Course at Cornell University.

You can visit a blog I am building for the course here.


Blogger Gary Yager said...

Dear Lynn,
Hello, I don'nt know if you will remember me From The Universisty of
The Arts. I was a class mate in
Animation class. Gary Yager 237 N. College Ave. Salina, Kansas 67401.
I caught up to you and your work
through The Animation Journal.
I think It is woundful work that you have been working on with the fifth graders.
I happy to see that your teaching and working with Animation.
I would like to stay in touch with you if I can, if you don'nt mind?

----Sincerely, Gary Yager
----marvinmartian@Yahoo Instant----

5:13 PM  

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