Friday, October 19, 2007

Wish You Were Here -- Orlando Sentinel Article

Tonight is the broadcast premiere of Wish You Were Here, a documentary I created in collaboration with PBS affiliate WBCC in Cocoa, Florida. It airs on WBCC at 9 pm, right after the state-wide documentary, The Florida Dream.

Some people aren't mentioned in the article who deserve my thanks and recognition:

Jon White, director of production at WBCC, collaborated with me since this project was just a proposal about three years ago. In addition to being the cameraman, he co-edited and co-produced the project. Tom Morton served as a production manager/researcher/graphics assistant. My graphics team this summer included Rebekka Grohn, who did the drawn animation and many of the Motion effects and Photoshop work, Jack Steiner, who helped us figure out the "Son of Burns" special effects programs and got us up and running, and Eric Becker, who in one short week helped make some of the great animated scenes, including the shuffleboarder. The team at WBCC did the live-action shoots, and Doug Grover at WBCC did the sound mix.

I couldn't have done it without my family, Craig Saper, who served as assistant producer and humanities advisor, and my kids Sam, who helped with encouragement, ideas, music research, and graphic support, and Lucy, who was a key motivatory in helping me GET IT DONE!

-- Lynn